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Drink Great Art!

Art In A Glass was started in 2006 to discover and import great wines from France. We wanted to find fabulous wines that were not already being imported but were of great quality and reasonably priced. We believe that wine – great wine – is a work of art, and we love our art in a glass!

Each year we travel to France, taste hundred of wines, invite fifty to blind tasting, and select ten to bring exclusively to the members of our club. The most common thing our members say is, “Bob, you’ve spoiled me. Now I can’t drink anything else!”

In 2018 we began offering some of our unique wines to restaurants in Pennsylvania. As a licensed Pennsylvania Importer we have the unique opportunity to provide incredible wines at very attractive price points for restaurants. As a restauranteur we understand your goal is to provide an exceptional dining experience for your guests. We believe that art on a plate deserves art in a glass.

Always drink great art!

We are happy to announce the arrival of Defeated By Lunch

About Defeated By Lunch:

Whether you’re a world traveler or never left the U.S., after a few pages of Defeated by Lunch you’ll feel like you’ve toured the romantic French chateaux and tasted the “Art in a Glass” that is the best-loved French wine. For the past twenty years the author, Bob Perkins has been traveling across the pond, and he shares with the reader his most memorable adventures.

This book is so much more than a primer for the finer points of wine tasting and appreciation (though you’ll be thirsting for a full-bodied Bordeaux by chapter 2). Everywhere Bob goes, he engages the French people. H has made lifelong friends with the locals, from waiters to the owners of grand chateau. As Bob says, “The people make the difference between a good place and a fabulous experience.”

Bob takes us on a solemn walk along the D-Day beaches and tours the memorial at Caen, reminding us the price of freedom paid by our courageous soldiers.

And the food! Mon Dieu! The multiple-course meals, paired with the perfect wine, of course come with their own Food Rules which the traveler will want to learn. (Helpful hint: Let your server be your guide as to the plateau du fromage…)

So sit back, pour a glass, and enjoy the trip.

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